Unity Fitness Studios

THE GOAL: To help the owners of Unity fulfill their vision of restoring the true essence of Yoga to the city of Airdrie through effective digital and social media marketing, website development, and brand design.


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web design

Living in an age where everything is shared over the internet, Unity knew that having a functional and elegant website was a must! That is why they hired our team of seasoned professionals to build them the perfect website, complete with a top-notch online scheduling system capable of handling anything you could throw at it.

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Social Media Management

Being frequent on your business social media outlets with professional grade content is a surefire way of bringing in new and existing customers into your establishment. Its effects are amplified when you properly targeting your specified demographic. With the use of our tried and tested approach to social media, Unity will soon be the leader of Hot Yoga and Fitness in the city of Airdrie.



We all know the logo is the hallmark and centerpiece of every business. Everything branding and marketing related all revolve around it; it is the first thing comes to mind when your customer think of your brand. When done correctly, the logo helps to piece together the meaning and story for your customers each and every time they think of your business.