THE GOAL: Golden Chopsticks, a chain of Chinese restaurants in British Columbia, requested our services to improve their online presence. Our assessment revealed that Golden Chopsticks’ had insufficient communication channels with customers and several other shortcomings, which often resulted in miscommunication of expectations. The original website was dysfunctional, there was no social media presence, and reviews were less than stellar. With the establishment of professionally managed social media profiles and a complete redesign of the website, Golden Chopsticks began to see improvements in business outcomes.


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web design

Golden Chopsticks opened its first location in 2011, unfortunately that was also the last time management had conducted revisions to the website. While the menus changed throughout the years, these changes were not communicated through the website, causing perennial customer confusion. These unmet expectations and a lack of social media presence damaged the brand and forced the chain to close one of its locations. In 2017, Golden Chopsticks decided that it had to improve in order to survive and it initiated a comprehensive overhaul by hiring BausMedia to revamp the corporate website.


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Golden Chopsticks built its new marketing strategy with emphasis on customer engagement. BausMedia facilitated this transformation through production of captivating creative content and provision of a consistent theme and aesthetic for the brand. Ultimately, Golden Chopsticks was successful in gaining a competitive edge by attracting customers through high quality content.

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digital media consulting

Years of neglect on the social media front had left Golden Chopsticks with a damaged reputation. It had been plagued with bad reviews due to a lack of transparency in communication with customers. FAQs were left unaddressed and pricing inconsistencies between online menus left customers with little option but to voice their concerns through Facebook and Google. Since the start of 2017, BausMedia has helped improve customer experiences by correcting discrepancies and addressing grievances before they escalate in to complaints. By coaching Golden Chopsticks’ management team in effective social media strategies, we have seen a measurable increase in the chain’s reputation.