THE GOAL: Cococo Chocolatiers Bernard Callebaut tasked us with the job of providing social media management services for all of its social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To give Cococo a competitive edge, we supplemented this with our professional photo production ensuring that only the best images were used for all of its platforms. Since then, Cococo's online presence has been on the steady increase with no signs of any shortcomings due to excellent content promotion. 



Photo Production

The problem with traditional product photography is that it can lack emotion. An over-reliance on this method proved problematic for Cococo Chocolatiers as it was attempting to expand its target demographic to better compete with contemporary dessert alternatives in Calgary. By modernizing Cococo Chocolatiers' approach to content creation, we were able to tell a unique story with every image and succeed in implementing of a successful marketing strategy.

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Social Media Management

Despite offering compelling products since 1983, Cococo Chocolatiers was largely unsuccessful in establishing a sizeable online presence. In contrast, much of the competition consisted of established firms that had been early adopters of proven social media practices. Cococo Chocolatiers realized that they were lagging behind and needed to catch up before implementing its newest digital marketing strategies. BausMedia was contracted to manage all of Cococo’s public relations and social media channels. Since then we have been providing daily content to all customers, hosting contest giveaways, and dealing with all communications within these accounts.