THE GOAL: After lukewarm reception to their soft launch, Café 16 hired BausMedia to manage the restaurant’s grand opening and requested everything from financial consultation services to targeted advertisements. To ensure Café 16 made the statement it intended to make, we built multiple social media channels and ran a successful marketing campaign to increase traffic and create a brand customers could get behind.


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Granted that Café 16 is a new store, active engagement with customers is critical in ensuring that its products and services are well received. We have established and cultivated a reliable avenue of exchange between the restaurant and customers through top tier social media management and successfully fostered a loyal base of customers while doing so. By employing some of the best creative talent in the industry, we have steadily increased followers and this is most visibly reflected in the ever-increasing number of happy customers walking through Café 16’s doors.

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Digital Marketing

Any new business hoping to succeed in a market like this one must have comprehensive marketing strategies in place to attract customers. We have initiated a selective campaign through Facebook advertisements to isolate and capture the target market. This approach has proven cost effective, leading to a minimal cost-per-click (CPC) and high conversion ratio. Qualitative analysis of the results has demonstrated that the advertisement campaign is yielding tangible results in the form of an increase in traffic at the restaurant.


Brand Strategy

When Café 16 carried out its soft opening, management was extremely busy and unsure of what to expect in such a competitive market. Initial reception was tepid and the owners made the prudent decision to hire us to design a marketing campaign. After analysing the market, we concluded that the restaurant was more appealing to a different demographic than the one initially targeted by management and started cultivating a brand to ensure that Café 16 continues to flourish in the coming years.